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Welcome to Hroma


Hroma Engineering is center for springs established in 1990 as the rst company in private ownership for manufacturing and distribution of all kinds of springs and spring elements made by special spring wire and tin.



The thickness of the spring wire that we are using in our production is of F 0.4mm-60 mm . The quality of the material that we are using through the production is: DIN 17223, DIN 50 CrV4 and steel Inox DIN 17224 (X12CrNi7). The products of Hroma- Engineering are present in almost all manufacturing companies in Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. The companies as Makstil, Mittal, Sasa, Feni Industry, Alkaloid AD, FZC 11 Oktomvri, Vaptek- MZT, Cementarnica-Titan, Jugohrom- feroalojz, Jonson Matthey, Jonson Control, Kemet Electronik … are our loyal and satised customers.
Our mission is within the fastest term to nd a solution regardless of the quantity that will be required, our quality of service and expertise remain the same.




We produce springs and spring elements

exposed to various types of intension (static and dynamic).