Compression Springs

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Project Description

A compression spring is a spring that will produce linear force by pushing back against forces that are applied to it. A weight or force will cause the compression spring to compress down, and if the spring is designed correctly the spring will push back against the weight causing it to return to its original state.


Think of a common example like a pogo stick. When you apply your weight to the pedals of the pogo stick the spring will compress and when you begin to hop the spring will push back against your weight propelling you off the ground returning the spring to its original state. This motion is repeated every time you hop off the ground.


Hroma Inzenering is one of the leading coil and conical compression spring manufacturers in Macedonia. We are one of the few compression springs suppliers that offer helical, stock, custom, and conical compression springs of at the highest quality, have 5-day lead times on custom springs, and a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. Looking for technical information or help with spring design? View our compression spring technical page.


Here at Hroma Inzenering we manufacture precision compression springs from 0.006 wire diameter to 1.00 inch in wire diameter. We make large compression springs, small compression springs, as well as conical compression springs.


Hroma Inzenering specializes in spring custom work and in lowering your cost on stock spring orders of 150 pieces or more. No compression spring supplier will beat Hroma Inzenering level of expertise, spring design knowledge, lead time, pricing, or customer satisfaction.


Hroma Inzenering has engineers that will work with you on your compression spring design to make sure that your spring is perfectly engineered to get you the best compression spring at the best price possible. Sometimes something as simple as switching from a stainless steel compression spring to a music wire compression spring will save you hundreds on your conical compression spring purchases.

Hroma Inzenering can work with you on creating the exact custom spring you are looking for. As you can see from the images below we can have multiple closed coils at one or both ends of the spring to add extra support to the spring if it is going over a shaft. We can also manufacture springs with large amount of pitch allowing you to generate a lot of force in a small amount of travel. You compression spring can also be customized with multiple outer diameter creating a cone, barrel or barbell shape on the spring.

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